Guest Information

Important Information

Guest Arrival / Departure

Check in is from 4pm. Guest arrivals must be on site no later than 9.00 pm. All guests are encouraged to respect any other users of the space and local residents and every effort has been made to minimise additional traffic and noise.

Please be aware that you are expected to have cleared the boat and be ready to check out promptly by 10.30am

Please check that the main glass doors onto the deck are pulled shut and locked before leaving. Please also watch fingers in these when opening and closing. 

Keys should be returned to the key lockbox and code scrambled when leaving.

Please keep noise levels to minimum from 10pm and have respect for your houseboat neighbours.

Use only environmentally friendly toiletries (as back up we have provided some).

Please only put toilet paper down the toilet and no other items and only flush when necessary.

If booking two boats please do not move equipment, furniture or utensils between the boats.

No amplified music, or dogs on the boat

No smoking/candles/cooking stoves inside the houseboats.

Follow the countryside and Bembridge Harbour code – leave things as you found them, do not litter, pick wild flowers or disturb wild animals/birds.

DO NOT swim by the houseboats as the mud is very thick and it is easy to get stuck in. Please do not try to walk on the mud at low tide around the boats. There is a life ring for emergency use only on the side walkway of both boats. There are no lifejackets onboard.

Central Heating 

The boat’s heating has been set to a thermostatic control and will come on three times a day, we ask that you do not change the settings. When heating is on placing the thermostat controller in one of the downstairs bedrooms allows it to moderate temperature the best.


Radiator Thermostatic Valves

Should you wish to turn heating off, down or up in each bedroom you can use the thermostat on each radiator. Please remember to turn them back to where you found them when you leave.

Mains Water

If you are concerned there is a water leak from either the radiators, taps, showers or sinks you can turn the water off using the tap low down by the laft had side of the pasarrel (gangway) by the front door of the boat.


The houseboat is powered by mains electricity from the shore which is managed form the fuze box in the utility room off the kitchen.

Sustainable Loo’s

There is a gauge light for the septic tank by the toilet in the main bathroom which is an indicator of how full the tank is. 

WARNING : When the gauge dial is pointing close to full (red) then please flush only when necessary or the tank may overflow. Contact Charlie on 07983 837 486 who will come and empty the tank ASAP.


Sustainable Loo’s

Please be sure to only use the toiletries provided, or if using your own products that they are 100% natural and Eco friendly. 


You can shower at any time of the day but you will notice that there is a greater incline at low tide when the boat sits on the harbour bed (thankfully this is reducing over time as she ‘beds in’). After showing please help One car can be parked in the designated houseboat car park, diagonally across from the boats. 

Car Parking

One car can be parked in the designated houseboat car park, diagonally across from the boats.  

Electric car charging: There is a PodPoint at 5 Foreland Rd, Bembridge PO35 5XN. This is the closest to our houseboat but there are also several at BusyBee garden centre on the road to Ryde.


Owners leave cars and any property entirely at their own risk and we are not responsible for any loss or damage. It’s a sad fact but thieves operate even at the seaside and so you must take care to take all your belongings with you and close the windows and the sliding doors and lock the boat when you are not there. 

Day Visitors

If you wish to have visitors during the day time, please remember to respect any other users of the space and that they would be expected to leave before 9.00 pm. All day visitors must find suitable parking and not park in the main car park as this is restricted to one car per houseboat.

Disabled Access

At this stage we are not set up for wheelchairs.


We are sorry to say that we cannot welcome dogs.

Experience & Explore

Beaches – Bembridge is never very far from a beach. Whether it’s the Sandy beaches of Priory bay and Seagrove Beach or the rock pooling on Bembridge beach or Forelands beach around the headland. Watch out for the tides there as they are notoriously quick to flood the beach. Also be careful near the cliffs as they are clay and prone to subsidence. The Bembridge lifeboat Station on Lane End beach is a sight to see at dawn, loved by photographers for its beautiful sunrises.

Walks – There are various maps and books giving you ideas for walking in the area. www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/things-to-do/walking

For Animal lovers –  particularly well catered for, with attractions including the Amazon World Zoo Park, Donkey Sanctuary, Isle of Wight Zoo, Owl & Monkey Haven, Fort Victoria Aquarium and Tapnell Farm, which also has a Water Park for family fun in the warmer months.

Culture and Heritage – try Quay Arts, Carisbrooke Castle, Needles Old Battery, Osborne House, Quarr Abbey, Yarmouth Castle or the newly refurbished Bembridge Windmill.

Cycling – The Isle of Wight’s has 200 miles of cycle route. www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/things-to-do/cycling

Canoeing, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding and sup yoga, bubble blitz and Bushcraft – Tacktisle Adventures www.tackt-isle.co.uk

Sailing – www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/things-to-do/activities/sailing

Powerboat training and rib hire – Woodnutts of Bembridge 01983 778077

Bird Watching – directly behind Bembridge harbour is Brading Marshes Nature reserve, if you’re lucky you can spot the Sea Eagles that have recently been introduced to the island.


Stargazing –www.visitisleofwight.co.uk/things-to-do/dark-skies

Beach Cooking – why not cook fish parcels on a bbq, frittata or chocolate bananas over your campfire on the beach?

Horse Ridingwww.visitisleofwight.co.uk/things-to-do/activities/horse-riding


Kids adventure trail- www.kingswood.co.uk/centres/isle-of-wight

Other attractions –  include House of Chilli, Rosemary Vineyard, Garlic Farm, Island Planetarium, The Needles Park, IoW Steam Railway, Dinosaur Isle, Cowes Maritime Museum and Ventnor Botanic Gardens or why not visit the local distillery where the famous Mermaid gin is made… www.isleofwightdistillery.com


For more ideas: www.visitisleofwight.co.uk

Harbour View Cafe.

On the beach at Bembridge a few minutes walk towards town, 1/2 Lobster salad recommended, best to order/book in advance. 01983 872742.


The Best Dressed Crab.

In the harbour but a few minutes in the other direction, freshly caught seafood and on the water in the harbour. Outside seating available on the deck.

www.thebestdressedcrabintown.co.uk/  01983 874758

The Duver Cafe.

A shorter walk across the Duver, great breakfast spot.

www.bembridgeharbour.co.uk/the-harbour/duver-cafe  07780 666745 


The Baywatch Cafe.

A 10 minute walk across the Duver to the beach at Bembridge harbour mouth on the beach. 01983 873259


The Crab and Lobster Pub.

A 20 minute walk to the other end of Bembridge along the beach past the lifeboat station, or hop in the car.

www.characterinns.co.uk/the-crab-and-lobster-inn 01983 872244 


The Beach Hut.

On Forelands beach, there’s a public car park just before the Crab and Lobster Inn then take the beach path. Great for watching the kids rock-pool at low tide. www.isleofwightbeachcafe.co.uk/contact_the_cafe.html 01983874270


The Propeller Inn.

At the airfield in Bembridge. A short drive or a 30 minute country walk. Wonderful pub food and great for families.www.propellerinn.co.uk 01983 873611


33 St Helens Restaurant 

On the green at St Helens, a short drive towards Ryde www.33-st-helens.co.uk 01983 872337

The closest train station is Brading which is 4.5 miles from us.

Explore the Island’s East Coast on unique electric trains, Island Line trains. The Line runs from Ryde (convenient for Hovercraft arrivals) to Shanklin stopping at Smallbrook Junction, Brading, Sandown and Lake. 

Taxi’s and buses available from Brading station to Bembridge.


For travel planning please the below sites are useful.

Travel Line South East – http://www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk/

Nextbuses.mobi – http://nextbuses.mobi/ 

Island Buses www.islandbuses.info/

GP Surgery

St Helens Medical Centre, Bembridge surgery, 55a Foreland Road, Bembridge, Isle of Wight.

01983 871828


Boots, 25 High St. Bembridge, PO35 5SD.



St Marys Hospital, 17-67 George St, Ryde PO33 2EW.

01983 822099


Safety Information & Emergency Contacts

In case of Emergency

In the case of a fire emergency please follow the fire plan. In the case of any other emergencies please contact the appropriate emergency service. 

All services emergency number is 999 or 112

Non emergency police number is 0845 045 4545 (Hants Police, Ryde)

Non emergency health number is 01983 871828 (St Helens Medical Centre, Bembridge).

First Aid

If you need first aid there is a first aid box located under the utility room sink

If you are in need of emergency help please go directly to A&E at St Mary’s Hospital, Ryde (see address under medical services).

Fire Safety

There are 2 carbon monoxide/smoke alarms fitted on the houseboat, the first floor, Google Protect is located at the top of the stairs and triggers an audible alarm and alert to the owners if smoke or monoxide is detected. Pressing the central button on the front if it goes off accidentally or to test. The second is in the downstairs corridor.

Following some simple safety advice means your stay will be a memorable experience for all the right reasons. 

Fire can be a significant risk on a boat so to reduce the risk we ask all guests to note the following:

  • Please only have open fires and BBQs at the local designated public areas.
  • Please do not cook on the deck of the boat or near the residential houseboats.
  • Naked flames and smoking are prohibited inside.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.


In the event of a fire:

  • The fire extinguisher is located in the hallway and fire blanket is on the wall in the utility room (by the kitchen)

…but only use these if you feel safe to do so, otherwise evacuate the structure.

  • The guest meeting point is the houseboat car park. There are also two highlighted exits from the houseboats at the front and rear.

Stay safe on holiday and don’t put yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe Register’s top tips:

  • Never use or bring a smouldering or lit BBQ onto the boat (charcoal or gas), gas stove, light or heater on the boat. Even if you have finished cooking, your BBQ will still give off fumes for some hours after use.
  • Remember the six main signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning – headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness. If concerned, seek medical advice.


Action to be taken in the event of Alarm being raised or Flood


Warning Received for Bembridge 

  • Bembridge Harbour Authority will alert any guests of the level of the flood risk.
  • Please be aware that if you notice a sudden increase in water level with the waterway behind you please make us aware. 
  • In the event we receive prior notification of a flood event (which in all likelihood, will be the case) you will be directed to leave the site and indeed the area as a whole via the walkway. This is the quickest route to higher ground outside of the flood zone and will allow any onward journeys by foot or by car.
  • Alternatively, should for some reason the early warning system fail, and flood waters inundate the site prior to evacuation, occupiers should remain on the boat that floats, we would advise you grab your blankets from beds, the first aid kit in the kitchen and the flood risk box above the Friday. 
  • Please raise the flood alarm with neighbours and other occupants and evacuate the site.
  • Please also Contact Emergency Fire Services (999) if necessary and/or the Environment Agency


Floodline: 0345 988 1188. Type talk: 0345 602 6340 (for the hard of   hearing) if the event was not expected. 


If safe to do so please locate and turn off key services if possible e.g. water, gas & electricity. Please note the site manager will undertake this activity should there be pre warning.



If the site has been evacuated prior to the event, the occupants must await the all clear from the Environment Agency in terms of the flood alert status. The owner of the boat will be notified of this, as well as any occupiers who have signed up for alerts, this information will be shared to the contact number you provided when booking.


The response to a major flood event involves a number of bodies working together at a local level, including the emergency services, local authority (the council), the Environment Agency and utility companies for a coordinated multi agency response. It is therefore imperative we wait to get the all clear from the Environment Agency in terms of the flood alert status before returning to the site.


In case of injury, contact Ambulance & Police (999).